Hero Teams

While Villain Team articles were among the earliest features of the site, it took an entire decade before finally starting an equivalent Hero team section.

The format between the Hero & Villain entries are not exactly identical. Though hero teams with only a handful of appearances (like Big Hero Six) will use a similar format to the villain team entries, more prominent groups will be divided into "era pages." Rather than describing the events of every single issue, these entries will sum up the more important plots and story-lines that occurred during that period of time.

Note: we only list the appearances of a character whilst a member of the team in question.
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Title Last Updated
ALPHA FLIGHT 24th Apr 2015
BETA FLIGHT I 26th Jun 2011
BIG HERO 6 17th Feb 2015
GAMMA FLIGHT I 26th Jun 2011
GAMMA FLIGHT II 26th Nov 2013
NEW MUTANTS I 26th Aug 2010
OMEGA FLIGHT III 12th Jun 2011
X-CORPORATION 19th Jun 2004
X-FACTOR IV (All-New X-Factor) 23rd Mar 2017
X-FORCE I 7th Sep 2012
X-FORCE III 13th Aug 2013
X-FORCE IV 19th Aug 2013
X-NATION 2099 19th Jun 2015
X-TREME X-MEN II 6th Jan 2015