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From secretary to housewife to Canada's greatest super hero, Heather Hudson has led Alpha Flight through their darkest days but emerged victorious asa true guardian of the people of Canada and the world. Read all about the history of... VINDICATOR II!
A deadly threat with no moral center, this evil mutant could snuff out all life on Earth with her powers, and showed little qualms about doing so. Read about the short but memorable history of one of the 90's most powerful mutants... BLAZE, SIENA!

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Horsemen of Salvation (Glossary Group)
X-MAN (Glossary Character)
OMEGA RED (Glossary Character)
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MYSTIQUE (Glossary Character)
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BEAST (O5) (Glossary Character)

Supreme Soviets / People's Protectorate

Tired of disobedient mutants who they could not control, the Soviet govenment established a new team which they could manipulate and included no mutants! The first assisgnment of this new team - kill the Soviet Super Soldiers! But this team proved to be more than just obedient lackeys as the members had their own plans and ideals - but would they ever get the chance to truly be heroes? Learn all about the People's Protectorate, originally known as the Supreme Soviets!

Spotlight on... VINDICATOR II

After her beloved husband was blown up before her very eyes, Heather McNeil Hudson took on the challenge of leading Alpha Flight. She vindicated her husband and herself, making the hard calls that no one else could, eventually rising to become the greatest guardian of her nation. She battled through resurrections, clones and government bureaucracy and survived death to once again fight for the people of Canada - but what led her to commit a devestating murder? Find out in the Spotlight on...Vindicator II

Spotlight on... SIENNA BLAZE!

One of the most powerful mutants ever recording, Siena Blaze could potentially destroy all life on Earth every time she used her powers. Although built up as a major threat power wise, her character never developed much as a reoccurring nemesis from the Upstarts. She was offered up the Ultraverse when Marvel bought Malibu Comics, but her time in the All New Exiles only lasted a year. Siena was killed by Weapon X in the Neverland concentration camps but, like many mutants, her return is always possible. Read about the 90's evil mistress of electromagnetism...SIENA BLAZE!"


In 2017, the X-Men finally had enough of the M-Pox plague afflicting mutants worldwide because of the Terrigen Mist cloud. When global dispersal threatened the entire species, the X-Men took up arms against the Inhumans until Queen Medusa finally relented and destroyed the Terrigen Mists. From this new beginning, the X-Men returned to Earth and established residence in Central Park. Only time will tell if this new public prominence and transparency will serve the X-Men well in the future.

Spotlight update on...MADELYNE PRYOR

Last time we updated her she had just failed in her attempt to come back to life. In the few years that passed she finally managed to come back to the land of the living. Whilst an alternate version from Battleworld has been causing trouble for the X-Men recently, the original version has remained elusive since she came back. Read our rapid-fire update on the X-Men's former ally-turned-enemy...Madelyne Pryor!

Spotlight on... CHTHON!

Before time was measured, before evil had a name, before mankind rose from the primordial ooze... Chthon was there. And he hated us. Over the eons since, the malevolent forces of the supernatural on Earth all trace their origins back to one entity. The vampires, the werewolves, the demons, and the zombies all whisper one name with reverence and fear. Chthon hears them. And he sees us. And he sees you. From the tome known as the Darkhold, the haunted mountain of Wundagore, his pawns and puppets like the Scarlet Witch, Modred the Mystic, or Victoria Montesi...Chthon is coming. Chthon knows where you are. Chthon may already be here. When was the last time you felt a chill you couldn't explain? When was the last time you felt truly safe?

When was the last time you looked behind you?