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The Living Island remains one of the biggest foes from one of the most famous X-Men stories. Read about the horrors of nuclear testing gone wrong in today's history of... KRAKOA!
One of Professor X's oldest and deadliest foes, this evil alien conqueror is responsible for first crippling Xavier's ability to walk. A rare but reoccurring threat in the years since then, read about the ionic Arcane antagonist called... LUCIFER!

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Spotlight update on...MADELYNE PRYOR

Last time we updated her she had just failed in her attempt to come back to life. In the few years that passed she finally managed to come back to the land of the living. Whilst an alternate version from Battleworld has been causing trouble for the X-Men recently, the original version has remained elusive since she came back. Read our rapid-fire update on the X-Men's former ally-turned-enemy...Madelyne Pryor!

Spotlight on... CHTHON!

Before time was measured, before evil had a name, before mankind rose from the primordial ooze... Chthon was there. And he hated us. Over the eons since, the malevolent forces of the supernatural on Earth all trace their origins back to one entity. The vampires, the werewolves, the demons, and the zombies all whisper one name with reverence and fear. Chthon hears them. And he sees us. And he sees you. From the tome known as the Darkhold, the haunted mountain of Wundagore, his pawns and puppets like the Scarlet Witch, Modred the Mystic, or Victoria Montesi...Chthon is coming. Chthon knows where you are. Chthon may already be here. When was the last time you felt a chill you couldn't explain? When was the last time you felt truly safe?

When was the last time you looked behind you?

Spotlight on... KRAKOA

We said BIG, and we deliver! Krakoa, the Island That Walks Like a Man, was the villain for Giant-Size X-Men #1, the book that put X-Men back on the map after the reprint years. A living ecosystem brought to life by radiation, the idea of Krakoa has been revisited several times over the years, with new versions of the Living Isle cropping up from time to time. In Wolverine and the X-Men, events finally came full circle as a new version of Krakoa joined the X-Men, inhabiting the grounds of the Jean Grey School. Just goes to show that everyone will join the X-Men, given time. Today, read the history of KRAKOA in its various incarnations!

Stan Lee

300th Character article incoming!

Our 100th Spotlight was Wolverine, the biggest Spotlight ever! Our 100th Character Profile was the Living Monolith, the biggest mutant who ever walked! Now that we've combined the character articles, next week will be the 300th UXN Character Article! How will we get EVEN BIGGER? Tune in later this week to find out!


Not every alien race can hit it big it the hearts of readers. For every Shi'ar or Brood there's a Z'Nox or Broccoli Person. Sure, a rage inducing part slug, part fungus psychic parasitic sounded like a good idea on paper, but sadly their potential gas never been explored beyond their first appearance. Read now about the mysterious...Golgotha!