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One of the All-New, All-Different X-Men's earliest foes, Tom Cassidy is a rogue and a scoundrel. His friendship with Juggernaut and hatred for Banshee ensures that the X-Men have never truly heard the last of... BLACK TOM!
The X.S.E. Omega Squad came back in time to capture fleeing felons, but they found modern America very different from what they knew. Read about the decorated but short careers of Bishop's right-hand men... MALCOLM & RANDALL!

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A topically relevant super-team, these Iraqi mercenaries were introduced during 1991 and the First Gulf War. Their confrontation with Freedom Force led to the dissolution of that government team, and ultimately its replacement by the government-sponsored X-Factor. Today's Villain Team entry deals with the history of...Desert Sword!


Honor bound rogue or psychopathic killer? Black Tom Cassidy straddles the line between being a good-natured criminal and something far worse. Twisted over the loss of a true love and a cousin's betrayal, Black Tom fell from gambler to criminal to terrorist to child murderer. His mind has been warped by outside forces in the past, but Tom's own pettiness is to blame for many of his actions as well. There will be no redemption for Black Tom Cassidy...not until he believes he deserves it himself


Happy New Year!!! The past year turned out to be quite busy as we released a monumental spotlight on Namor, held a theme month for X-Factor and finally ticked off our oldest spotlight updates with Beast and Colossus. In case you missed these or any of our other releases from last year we have compiled them all into a handy little article...UXN 2017 Year in Review. Why not let us know what your favourite article was!

Update On...WOLFSBANE!

When we last dropped by Wolfsbane she had reconnected with her son and left X-Factor to raise him. Sadly, things didn't work out the way she had hoped as her son became a pawn in a Godly competition between the Hell-Lords. Discover what exactly went down in our tragic and updated spotlight on...Wolfsbane!

Update On...ABYSS!

Last time we saw this guy he was escaping into the Brimstone dimension in a bid to save his life. Find out how he survived and the subsequent trouble he got himself into in our updated profile on...Abyss

Update On...Frost Family Tree

As everyone recovers from the festive period (and our "Beast" of an update last week)  we thought we'd bring you some bite-sized updates to a few articles this week. Our first release is an update to one of our family trees, although the relationships between the various members on this one are rather strained. With some un-seasonal dashes of bitterness, cloning and murder we bring you an updated article on the Frost Family Tree