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An immortal mutant, this External acted as benefactress for the Guilds of New Orleans, often drawing her into Gambit's path. Read about the many deaths and resurrections of... CANDRA!
Genesis, Tolliver, the Other...a man of many names and many enemies. Twisted by outside forces beyond recovery, this time traveler could only lash out at the world that wronged him. Read about the prodigal son of the Summers clan... TYLER DAYSPRING!

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New Mutant Month: Update on CECILIA REYES!

Next on our New Mutant month is a character not normally associated with the team, but her upcoming appearance in the film gives us an opportunity to highlight the X-Men's resident physician. Last time we checked in on her she was missing, presumed dead, but like pretty much every other deceased mutant she turned up alive and well not long after. Find out what the reluctant X-Woman has been up to in the twelve years since her spotlight first appeared in our update on...Cecilia Reyes!

New Mutant Month: The DEMON BEAR!

As we continue our New Mutant theme month we come to one of the strangest adversaries the New Mutants ever faced. An entity routed in sorcery, it critically wounded Dani Moonstar, forcing the rest of the team to try and destroy it. It would go on to plague various other x-teams over the years, each time revealing a little more about its true nature. Take a read, if you're brave enough, of our new alien races article on the mysterious and terrifying...DEMON BEAR!

New Mutant month: Update on...MAGIK

Welcome to New Mutant March, our latest theme month that ties in to the live action film released next month. We will aim to get you up to speed on some of...

(Marvel exec comes running over) 
*whisper whisper whisper*
What do you mean the film's been put back? I suppose we can hold off the month for a little bit.
*whisper whisper whisper*
A YEAR?!?!?! We had all these articles written and prepared for this! Well...screw that...we're doing our theme month anyway.

Welcome to New Mutants March, our latest theme month that ties in to the live action film released next YEAR. We aim to get you up to speed on some of the characters and concepts you will hopefully see on the big screen. Our first release is an update to one of the New Mutants' most iconic members whose star has been on the rise since her last update and it will surely only go higher when the film eventually comes out. We present to you our updated spotlight on the New Mutant's resident sorceress...Magik

Character Profile...CANDRA

This next profile got delayed several months due to serendipity and time travel. Retroactively having been killed again before her last death (...we think), Candra only highlights how tough it is to keep a good External down. The Benefactress of the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds has a long tumultuous history with Gambit, Storm and Rogue. Today's character article will track the many deaths and returns of Candra, the Red Death.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR (a relationship map) Update!

A lot can happen in 4 years of comics and when it comes to the love lives of the X-Men, a lot has happened (and we're not just talking about Iceman!).  Here at UXN, we are proud to release our valentines treat just for you with our updated Relationship map for 2018! Just don't question What Wolverine is really the best at, the evidence is clear!

Character Profile...TYLER DAYSPRING

The son of Cable and grandson of Cyclops would seem destined for great things. But TYLER DAYSPRING was twisted by forces beyond his control, brainwashed and driven mad by several parties, leaving him with only a deep sense of betrayal. Often hiding in plain sight, Tyler assumed several identities to strike at his father figures without them even recognizing him in the present. His quest for personal power and revenge caused him to reach too high, and this pretender to the throne of Apocalypse suffered a grim fate. Read today about one of the greatest losses in the life of Nathan Dayspring