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A complicated history for a guy who just wants to have fun but is also a sleeper agent and assassin. And two different people. Read about the combined history of Generation X's friend / foe... MONDO I & II!
An information broker of the highest order, Gareb Bashur mentally receives every piece of electronic information on the planet. Using his powers for personal gain and peace of mind, read the history of the man known as Commcast, or...BLACK BOX BLACK BOX!

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DEADPOOL (Glossary Character)
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SIPHON (Glossary Character)
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Spotlight On... MONDO I & II

Before the rise of the internet but at the height of Wizard and comic promotional materials, Generation X was the hot new series of 1994. Out of the initial eight promoted new mutants, however, Mondo was the least explored member of the team. He joined nearly a year into the series and did little of note until being suddenly revealed as a secret assassin, then killed. Years later, Mondo was revisited when the assassin was revealed as a clone, but he still languished in limbo after that. Today's profile explores the combined history of MONDO and his doppelganger.

Publication History X: 2015

The X-Men titles limp across the finish line as Time Runs Out for the Marvel Universe. Several innovative ongoing series end while the not-so-merry mutants struggle to move on from the death of Wolverine. Wanda and Pietro are removed from the X-Verse when their ties to Magneto are severed, and the aimlessness of Cyclops's mutant revolution becomes apparent. But none of this matters because in 2015...Everything Dies.


Happy Halloween SPOOOOKTACULAR from UXN! Tonight you may enjoy the blood of the living...or our semi-annual update to the Death Chart. New and improved with all the deaths and resurrections for the New Mutants and X-Force teams, as well as updates since 2014 for the X-Men and X-Factor. Trick or Treat!

Character Profile... BLACK BOX!

Some writers have favorite characters, especially when they created them. Debuting in 1993 as part of the expanded X-Force line of comics, Gareb Bashur aka Commcast even received his own action figure, but wasn't written by anyone other than his creator Fabian Nicieza for nearly 20 years. A mutant with the electronic equivalent of Gamesmaster's omnipathy, Bashur was an underappreciated and underutilized player in the X-Titles, especially in today's digital world. Read now the full history of the man now known as the Black Box.

The Fury of Phantazia!

One of the most interesting mutants to debut in the early 90s, this mysterious woman made a brief and unfortunately short lived impact as a member of the Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before becoming a footnote in the X-Men's history. Read now the history and learn what could have been, of the mutant Phantazia! 

Don't call me Ishmael...

This week on The Gifted, we got our first introduction to Dr. Campbell of Sentinel Services. In some realities, Rory Campbell is a friend of mutants and ally of Moira MacTaggert during her search for the Legacy Virus cure. In other realities, however, Campbell succumbs to hatred and prejudice to become the maniacal mutant hunter known as AHAB. Which way will this Dr. Campbell go? Tune in to FOX to find out!